Grand Canyon Rim Trail

There isn’t much one can say about the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The pictures really speak for themselves.  Everyone knows the iconic natural wonder of the world.  I must say that the Rim Trail is very well done.  The trail itself is paved and, as you might imagine, follows the rim of the canyon.  There are places where you can get very close to the precipice and for those of you afraid of heights, beware the weak knees!  The trail provides a geological history of the canyon by way of plaques and rocks that show the geology back through millions of years.


The space and massive nature of the Grand Canyon is not done justice in these pictures.  I was in awe of the natural beauty.  Not much more to say other than the images below.  I fully intend to come back and do an overnight trip.  Down to the canyon floor and up the north rim is a very doable trip.  The park literature warns against this as a day hike (and I agree) and I’ll likely turn it into three days and piece it together with another hike in Zion or Bryce.

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